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Small Penis Humiliation Addiction

Small Penis Humiliation Addiction can take many different forms. Small penis humiliation phone sex is a hot addiction. But in this case of small penis humiliation addiction, it’s “auto-eroticism” and Red car obsession. This subject of addiction and obsession professes his love for Chase and kisses Chase, the only thing is: Chase isn’t his boyfriend. Chase is his car. Specifically, a Red 1998 Monte Carlo. It’s one thing to drive a Rred car, but it’s another thing to love, as in really love, a Red car. Objectophilia, loving an object, is a strange fetish, obsession and addiction.

Imagine the small penis humiliation that this Red car small penis owner now experiences especially since he and his Red car were featured on TLC’s “My Strange Addiction”. Girls have to be freaked about a guy who gets “intimate” with his Red car. And his car is named after a dude, so it seems like gay small penis humiliation, too. Yes, a car fag and his fag-mobile! He is such a Red Car Small Penis fag that he is compelled to stare at his Red car during the day on his work computer’s screensaver and he also sleeps with a little toy Red car named Dylan every night. Red car addiction and Red car fetish! And gay small penis humiliation addiction. Why is it small penis humilation addiction? Obviously, this Red car owner has a small penis, or he wouldn’t be in love with his car! Plus he’s addicted to his Red car!

Small Penis Syndrome

I originally blogged about Tommy Hilfiger and his Red Ferrari several years ago when I was running my small penis humiliation blog Tumblr style. The former Red Car Small Penis phone sex blog featured small penis humiliation photos accompanied by short and sassy Red Car Small Penis descriptions. Back in 2009 my opinion was that Tommy Hilfiger and his Red Ferrari Enzo definitely reflected the red car small penis syndrome. My opinion hasn’t changed. For Tommy Hilfiger, a multimillionaire, buying a Red Ferrari Enzo would be like me buying a used Dodge Neon. And while wealth has its privileges, we are what we drive. That is one of the bottom lines of car ownership. Our car is the shell that the world sees and connects to us, it is a dramatic and powerful presentation of our selves, our battle armor that goes out on the road.

Tommy Hilfiger used to drive a vintage Jeep Wagoneer that was lovingly restored down to the wood side panels. (Pun intended, these old wooden side paneled cars are known as woodies.) This was the old Tommy Hilfiger, conservative family station wagon driver, who then upgraded to his mid-life crisis toy, the Red Ferrari Enzo. No doubt that people recognize Tommy Hilfiger and his Red Ferrari Enzo in Connecticut where he lives and cruises. But women will wonder when they know that the American driver of a Red sports car is rich, whether the Red sports car is a conspicuous symbol of wealth (with a dash of mid-life crisis) or small penis humiliation.

Lifted Cars are Small Penis Extenders on Wheels

Men who drive cars or pick-up trucks with special suspension customizations to lift their cars or pick-up trucks and install oversized tires may as well be advertising to women that they need to lift their penis size as well. Women who see these lifted cars or trucks are only thinking that the drivers are psychologically trying to enlarge their penis by installing penis extenders on their rides. Lifted cars are small penis extenders on wheels. Pathetic! Women are not impressed by lifted cars or trucks, rather, they are only thinking: small penis humiliation on wheels. Most women know that men who are driving lifted cars or trucks with special lift apparatus, should be buying penis extenders instead and working on lengthening what really needs to be lengthened or upsized, not the height of their cars or pick-ups and not the size of their tires.

Red Pick Up Truck Lifted

Every time I see one of these lifted pick-ups or cars, even if it’s a low rider in Little Havana, I think: lifted car, small penis. The funny thing is that most of these lifted cars and trucks are Red! Which is more evidence of Red Car Small Penis humiliation on wheels. Plus a waste of money! Men should be spending the thousands they spent on customizing their cars or trucks on something that matters, not their small penis mobiles.

Red Car Lifters

Red Car Small Penis Humiliation – Vegas Style

this small penis humiliation blog post submitted by a frequent visitor to Vegas…

The phrase “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” suggests people come to America’s adult playground for wild decadent times of gambling and partying with a general anything goes attitude. Many guys come hoping to experience the high-roller lifestyle of comped rooms, great food and winning streaks making them feel like big spenders.

One industry that seems to be taking advantage of the situation (but not as much as the casinos) is the exotic car rental business. Customers can pony up a couple hundred to a thousand dollars to ride around in Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and other extravagant sports cars for a few hours. These exotic rental car companies cater to guys who want to get a thrill of driving these sports cars that retail upwards of $400K. The amusing thing is that almost every car on these lots is small penis humiliation Red (or some variation of the small penis humiliation color scheme such as yellow or orange).

The guys renting these autos are essentially signaling to the world that they are cursed with the small penis affliction. Although it’s probably not intentional, they are telling all the girls on the strip that they are small where it matters… in their pants! And not only that, since they’re merely renting and not buying these small penis humiliation vehicles, they’re most likely small in another area that matters to most women… their wallets!

It’s not an infrequent occurrence for a group of guys to rent out one of these sports cars in small penis humiliation Red and cruise up and down the Las Vegas strip looking to attract all the pretty girls bouncing between the casinos and clubs. Little do these guys know, but they’re signaling their lack of penis size to the hot chicks. Women are totally aware of the trend that a guy driving a Red car most likely has a small penis. On more than one occasion in Vegas, I’ve seen a pretty girl on the strip flash the universal small penis humiliation sign with their thumb and forefinger while laughing with their friends as these guys pathetically attempt to impress them with their rented high-end exotic red cars.

I guess as long as these guys’ memories are as short as what’s in their pants, then the saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” may still ring true. Otherwise, the feelings of small penis humiliation that they suffered from the girls pointing and laughing at them will remain long after their vacation to Sin City is over. Renting these exotic Red cars in the desert of Nevada is just one more way for these men to experience small penis humiliation – Vegas style!!!

Small Penis Humiliation – Atlanta GA Style

from the heart of Dixie, an SPH article submitted from a Red Car Small Penis fan…

After reading your blog entry on ‘Small Penis Humiliation New York City Style’, I realized that there is a certain type of vehicle SPH happening in Atlanta, Georgia (and probably in other southern cities as well). Like with your NYC contributor, I don’t believe that the Atlanta based small penis humiliation is necessarily only related to Red cars. I think I’ve stumbled across a particular small penis humiliation vehicle that is generating SPH opportunities, the pick-up truck.

I’ve noticed that in the south, and especially the areas surrounding the city of Atlanta, it’s pick-up truck land. Guys from all different socioeconomic classes drive these trucks. From bankers, to business owners, to mechanics, to Walmart stockboys, to a whole host of other professions, the pick-up truck is the vehicle of choice for a lot of men. It seems that guys are trying to be noticed in their big trucks with their shiny chrome wheels and their pimped out rides. It’s as if they’re trying to use their trucks as sexual mating signals. Instead of the classic Red signal, they’re trying to associate the large truck with something large in their pants. There’s a major problem with this rationale though.

Red Pick Up Truck Small Penis Humiliation

The problem, it appears, is that women have noticed and have associated these big rides as men overcompensating for what’s in their pants! While I don’t drive a Red car or a pick-up truck, I’ve seen first hand a gaggle of girls laugh hysterically as one of these trucks pulled into a parking lot. Plus it’s been on more than one occasion where I have seen girls laugh and giggle when they see a guy with a pick-up with oversized tires drive by, giving each other the eye roll and the universal small penis hand signal with their thumb and forefinger.

From what I’ve seen, the color of the pick-up truck isn’t the determining factor of small penis humiliation. It’s just the fact that it’s a pick-up. The funny thing is that the two most popular colors appear to be Red and black. So a Red pick-up seems to definitely sign of a beta male signaling for sex, but getting small penis humiliation instead. I have to wonder if choosing a black pick-up truck is also a subliminal message that guys are subconsciously conveying.

From my empirical observations, it appears that men are outwardly trying to overcompensate for their small penis size with these pimped out trucks. What amazes me is that women have already picked up on this and know exactly what’s going on and are jumping all over the small penis humiliation. So while NYC is BIG watch small penis humiliation, Atlanta is BIG pick-up truck small penis humiliation!!

Is a Red Car a Mating Signal for Men with a Small Penis ?

Or should I call this blog post: mini-fridge, small penis humiliation… The Superbowl yielded some interesting automotive related ads. One ad featured the new Chevy Camaro convertible. In this ad, a recent high school grad goes bananas over seeing a yellow sports car in front of his parents’ house, mistaking it as his graduation gift, overlooking that his parents bought him a mini-fridge for his dorm room. Disappointment doesn’t hit the recent grad, only confusion, when a paunchy middle-aged neighbor shows up with his golf club bag and drives away in the classic yellow Camaro, leaving the grad to wonder what happened while his parents offer up the mini-fridge decorated with a big red bow in lieu of the little deuce coupe?? The secondary story line in the commercial is that the real yellow car buyer market is most likely the middled aged small penis humiliation mid-life crisis buyer who can afford the pricey new Chevy Camaro. Another instance of Yellow is the New Red.

Fiat featured an interesting Femdom vs. beta male Superbowl commercial where the dominant female takes control of the small penis humiliation beta male wimp and teases him by grabbing his black tie (phallic subliminal) and painting frappucino cream on his lips (forced bi subliminal). She then morphs into a Fiat 500 Abarth and drives away. While the Fiat 500 Abarth is black with Red trim, and not small penis humiliation Red, one of my girlfriends interpreted the Red trim as a buying “signal” to beta males. Her credentials: She majored in marketing for a major university and worked in marketing for a major fast food corporation. So is the color Red a buying signal to beta males with small penises? I researched online about the color red as a “signal”, and it actually is a sexual mating signal. Do beta males with small penis humiliation feel they need to flash the Red mating signal in a Red car whereas more confident hung males do not?

Small Penis Humiliation New York City Style

a NYC contributor takes a look at another flashy item that attracts small penis humiliation…

Your observation on the correlation between Red cars and the size of a man’s penis is an interesting concept. The whole idea seems spot on in the sense that men tend to overcompensate for their small penis size. Driving flashy Red sports cars seems to be just one way they do this.

I’m from New York City and there aren’t many, if any, flashy Red car small penis humiliation sports cars cruising up and down Madison Avenue. That’s not to say that there aren’t any Red cars here driven by mini men, it’s just that I don’t think it’s as prevalent around here as it might be in other cities. There may be a few factors for this such as weather limitations (i.e. snow), can’t drive fast in the city, difficult to drive those types of cars in lots of traffic, etc. It could also mean that flashy Red cars don’t stand out on Manhattan’s busy streets, especially streets that are literally littered with thousands of yellow cars… cabbies! I think small penis humiliation drivers drive Red sports cars specifically to be seen, and when there is a sea of yellow cars flying around, it’s not likely that people will pay attention to the owner of a Red sports car.

That led me to start thinking that there might be other ways that guys compensate for their lack of size around here. The first thing that came to mind is material goods such as sporting large expensive watches. I read in GQ or Maxim that for men, BIG watches are in. There are many times while out at a bar or club I have seen guys lean on the bar and purposely flash their BIG expensive timepieces while waiting to be served a drink. Then one night I was at a bar and saw some girls sitting at the bar having drinks when a guy who went up to the bar to order a drink flashed his BIG expensive watch in front of them and they just laughed. After the guy got his drink and left the bar area, they continued laughing and made the small penis humiliation sign with their thumb and forefinger. So it would seem that anything big and flashy that a guy wears or drives will result in small penis humiliation! Instead of Red Car Small Penis, it’s BIG watch small penis and of course, small penis humiliation New York City Style for flashing the BIG watch.

Small Penis Humiliation Spit

What do Small Penis Humiliation and Spit have to do with each other? Read on and find out. Northwestern University did a consumer research study this year and found out that men produce more saliva when they think about about or see luxury items they want. One interesting result this male behavioral study uncovered was that men literally salivated over expensive sports cars. Let’s hope that they were thinking about Red sports cars too, since it would only make sense: Red Car? Small Penis Humiliation! Spit! This new research study took into account that men who want to impress women indulge in conspicuous spending of luxury items such as sports cars. While it’s part of a male mating imperative, in some cases this spending can backfire on men, when women perceive their spending to be desperate overcompensation for lack of masculinity or penis size. So while men will literally drool over a Red Corvette, women will only be thinking small penis humiliation.

Other prior research has also shown that males display biological mating behavior in their driving behavior and that while driving sports cars, men will produce more testosterone in their spit. Now we know they produce more spit too. Haven’t you seen men driving, roll their window down and spit, like a lot? Hmmm. While humans have evolved, the car is an extremely important aspect of male mating behavior and males perceive their driving or cruising around in sports cars as a way to attract a mate. Unfortunately, women only feel like dishing out small penis humiliation when they see a loser cruising in his Red Corvette.

Red Corvette Sex Small Penis Humiliation

Red Car Small Penis Humiliation Not for Girls

Red Car Small Penis Humiliation is not for girls. Girls can drive whatever sportscar in whatever car color they desire without fear of humiliation or being seen as overcompensating. In fact, when girls drive a red car, it’s viewed as a sexual signal, as in red hot! There’s an old song by Prince, Sweet Little Red Corvette, that is basically about a girl’s sexuality being tied into Red car symbolism. Girls can motor around in a Red Corvette, Porsche or Ferrari and the only thing guys will think is, well, let’s just say guys will not be thinking, they will be reacting!

So on Black Friday, Paris Hilton gave herself a very expensive gift, a $277,000 Red Ferrari sportscar. Now that Paris has broken up with her wealthy Vegas club magnate fiance, Paris must need to console herself and advertise that she’s a hot ride with a hot ride. Nothing advertises a girl on the prowl for sex more than when she’s cruising around in an expensive red Italian sportscar. But perhaps there is some humiliation and overcompensation in Paris Hilton buying a Red sports car? Obviously, it wouldn’t be small penis humiliation or size overcompensation, but… Recently, Paris didn’t handle an interview very well where the interviewer asked her if she felt irrelevant (having been replaced by Kim Kardashian). In fact, Paris was embarrassed and humiliated on live national tv. So perhaps, out of humiliation for being accused of irrelevancy, and to overcompensate, Paris decided to console herself and get spendy on a sports car.

Small Penis Humiliation Equation

Let’s discuss the small penis humiliation equation. It would figure that a car company and in this case, Chevrolet, would showcase a Red car, their new Chevy Sonic, in a bungee jumping commercial. The bungee riggers pushed the Red small penis humiliation Sonic off stacked shipping containers. The Chevy Sonic grille made a slight splash in a pool below before the bungee jump rigging snapped it back up into the air. Everyone knows that Red is a splashy car color. Red cars attract male buyers with small penises. Dangerous stunts also excite beta males with small penises, so what better way to combine attraction with excitement?

Meanwhile, back at the Chevy dealer, any guy who buys a Red Chevy Sonic, well, it will only mean one thing, and it won’t mean the buyer is an adrenaline junkie bungee jumping dude. It would mean the buyer has a small penis. Chevrolet is giving away 10 Chevy Sonics in a promotion to popularize the new car model, a small and sassy coupe designed for optimum gas mileage. Chevy wants the Sonic to appeal primarily to a 20 something male car buying market. Let’s just hope that any male winners of the Sonic car giveaway will select a color other than Red, unless of course, they want to attract small penis humiliation. It has become an equation where if hot chicks see a guy in a Red car they think “small penis” or “small penis humiliation”. The equation is: male driver + red car = small penis + small penis humiliation.

Red Car Small Penis Chevy Sonic Bungee Jump Equation

small penis humiliation

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