Look Rich with a Salvage Title Sportscar in your Driveway

If you want to look rich, but don’t have the funds, here is how to buy a cheap sportscar and install it as a driveway ornament. Buy a bougie ride with a “salvage title”. Typically, this means an insurance company considered the car a total loss due to damage that exceeded its value. If you don’t want an expensive wrecked sportscar in your driveway, your best bet is to find one that was totaled due to flood damage. Since floods are always happening, this shouldn’t be so difficult to find. Have a tow company slide it off its flatbed at night so your neighbors can’t see how it arrived. Oh wait, that’s how Carvana delivers, so maybe you can get a daylight delivery, no problema!

Then, be sure to be seen washing and waxing your new ride. Fake it till you make it! Of course, everyone will think you have a small penis if you choose a red Ferrari as your sporty whip. Hopefully, no one discovers your subterfuge! Besides, you can post all the pics you want of your new red sportscar on Instagram. Instagram is where it matters these days!

Wet Roads, Wrecked Ferrari

One of the major aspects of driving a high performance sports car is knowing how to drive it on wet roadways. Or to how not to drive it on wet roadways. Wealth and weather are two of the reasons why Ferraris and Lamborghinis are popular in southern California and Las Vegas. Yes, rain is rare in those locales. Perhaps it should be imperative that new Ferrari or Lambo drivers take a few driving lessons before launching themselves out onto the highway and into infamy as this red car small penis Ferrari driver did. In his very first driving foray, the Italian driver of this Ferrari F458 wrecks his $200K ride on wet roads while trying to pass a slower vehicle. Humiliating!

Cars, Dating and Mating

Recently, the results of a study which focused on finding the ideal mate was published in the journal of Evolutionary Psychological Science and summarized in an article on the Independent.co.uk website. The study group included 375 university-aged females. One of the questions in the study was about women’s perceptions of men who drive flashy cars. When the answers to this particular question were reviewed, the researchers saw a clear pattern. Women felt that drivers of flashy cars indicated low reliability as partners and tendency toward promiscuity.

It has already been concluded in prior research studies that the type of cars men drive is perceived as an extension of their personality, their character traits and yes, even their penis. This means on the dating site Horny Slags – randy women might be looking for men who drive fast and flashy sports cars instead of traditional sedans or SUVs.

It would be interesting if the top UK dating sites took this factor into account and included a feature in men’s profiles: What type and color of car do you drive? That way, horny women could search for the flashiest vehicles as the best possible hookups or one night stands. Red Ferraris equal more NSA rendezvous!

Small Penis Humiliation Cams

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Yummy Alice is a redheaded femdom (dominant female) who offers streaming cam to cam. Imagine her shock and surprise when this particular viewer displayed his miniscule one inch penis! How pathetic! Alice even tweeted a short (no pun intended) video clip of the cam chat dialogue with her humiliating tweet. But that’s exactly the embarrassment and attention this dinky-dicked wanker sought. Small Penis Humiliation cams is a special niche and cam femdoms like Yummy Alice know that a small dick loser wants to be humiliated and possibly publicly exposed for having a micro phallus.

Lambo Inferno

Lamborghini Huracan a Fuoco. No, the Lamborghini wasn’t fucked, it was on fire. It’s a classic comedy film gag where a car drives away from a gas station dragging a gas hose unbeknownst to the driver. But this happened in reality. And it was caught on video. A man was taping the shocking presence of two Lamborghinis at a gas station at the same time, not shocking in Milan or Malibu, but exceptionally shocking in rural Missouri. Then one of the Lambos burst into flames. No fault of its own, the Lamborghini Huracan had been sprayed with fuel from the gas pump feed as a minivan drove away dragging the gas hose behind. Luckily, both Lambo owners were in the mini-mart.

But how did the red Lamborghini Performante escape a fiery fate? It was just pure luck the $400K blue coupe ignited while the red two-seater escaped a burning demise. The owner of the red rizzi owns a luxury car dealership and transportation firm. Because expensive luxury cars don’t get trucked around via typical car carriers! And the true humiliation here? The humiliated minivan driver driving away with the gas hose dragging behind, causing an inferno which burned a $400K Italian sportscar.

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