Look Rich with a Salvage Title Sportscar in your Driveway

If you want to look rich, but don’t have the funds, here is how to buy a cheap sportscar and install it as a driveway ornament. Buy a bougie ride with a “salvage title”. Typically, this means an insurance company considered the car a total loss due to damage that exceeded its value. If you don’t want an expensive wrecked sportscar in your driveway, your best bet is to find one that was totaled due to flood damage. Since floods are always happening, this shouldn’t be so difficult to find. Have a tow company slide it off its flatbed at night so your neighbors can’t see how it arrived. Oh wait, that’s how Carvana delivers, so maybe you can get a daylight delivery, no problema!

Then, be sure to be seen washing and waxing your new ride. Fake it till you make it! Of course, everyone will think you have a small penis if you choose a red Ferrari as your sporty whip. Hopefully, no one discovers your subterfuge! Besides, you can post all the pics you want of your new red sportscar on Instagram. Instagram is where it matters these days!

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