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Small Penis Loser Story: Anal Toy

Because of my pathetically small penis size, I confess that I have never fucked a pussy, only a girl’s ass. In college, I became a hot girl’s anal toy. My small penis is just under 4″ and not thick either. I would always feel small penis humiliation especially around pretty girls, I fantasized that they knew how small my penis was and would verbally tease and humiliate me about it.

Anyway, I was a physics major and genius level at any type of math. I saw this girl advertising on the school’s electronic bulletin board for a math study partner, and I was so desperate for any type of contact with a girl, I answered the ad. Later she told me she chose me as her study partner, because she wasn’t attracted to me and I wouldn’t distract her from studying.

One time we were studying in her dorm room, and I happened to see a vibrator laying out on her bedside table, when she noticed I had noticed, she told me to close my eyes and I heard a drawer open as she put it away. She said, “You didn’t see that, nerd!” And we went back to studying. Another day we were studying and it was her birthday, there were cards taped to the window in her dorm room and a balloon bouquet. The balloons had helium in them, so after we were done studying, she suggested we inhale the helium and make our voices sound funny. I think we got a little high maybe? I hadn’t gotten anything for her birthday and I felt a little guilty, so I offered to do anything she wanted. Anything? she asked. Yes I said. So she said she wanted me to make her feel good. She got out her vibrator and told me to lick her pussy and use the vibrator on her too. This was way too much for me to handle. I had never licked a girl’s pussy and had no clue what to do with the vibrator. I had watched porn, but porn is porn, this was real. I stood up to take my clothes off and she said, no, I had to keep my clothes on. She pulled off her jeans and panties and left her top on. Somehow I managed to lick her and slide the vibrator in and out of her wet pussy. Somehow I managed to make her cum once and she made me keep going and make her cum again. As I was getting ready to leave, she told me to show her my dick, and when I showed her, she said I thought so. It was still stuck on ‘fully erect’, but my small penis size was obviously not very impressive and I felt the shame of small penis humiliation as I left.

The next time we were studying, she asked me if I was a virgin. I said no and she said liar. She said with my tiny dick size there was no way a girl would ever fuck me, not even a super fat girl, not even a drunk girl. That was the most stinging small penis humiliation ever! Then she said she would make a trade. If I would write a required paper in her History of Western Civilization class, she would let me fuck her ass, because she said, my tiny dick was just an anal toy. I was pretty good at writing papers, because I’m thorough at research and analytical, maybe even anal about it! So I agreed to take on the assignment. The whole time I was working on the paper, I couldn’t concentrate, nor could I concentrate on any of my classes, I was in a daze.

When I was done with the paper, she agreed to have me come to her dorm room and arranged for her roommate to be out. First she made me lick her pussy and make her cum twice. Then she made me lick her ass and finger it and get it ready for my little dick. Then she let me fuck her ass. I didn’t last long. Like under two minutes. She said I was truly pathetic and told me to eat the cum out of her ass. So I did. So even though I had just fucked a hot girl’s ass, all I felt was small penis and premature ejaculation humiliation.

A few weeks later I asked if I could have another chance at being her anal toy. She gave me a very mean look. I’ll think about it she said. Another week later, she said she needed me to write a paper for her English Lit class really quick because it was almost due, but it required that I read 5 books listed on the syllabus. She hadn’t read any of them and was in no position to write the paper either. I was so horny I agreed, then wrote the paper with help from a friend at another university. I knew him from H.S. and he happened to be majoring in English and was hoping to teach when he graduated. The paper actually got her into trouble because her Prof didn’t believe she wrote it. She acted miffed at the Prof and accused him of not believing in her passion for those books and authors. The Prof couldn’t prove anything, but said he would be keeping his eyes on her. Well, who wouldn’t be keeping his eyes on her!

But at least the paper bought me another chance at being an anal toy. This time I was able to last about 5 minutes. The vibrator was humming in her pussy and I could feel it right thru to her ass, and it was just too much, I spurted. Again I had to lick out her ass. Usually, she would berate me with some type of verbal small penis humiliation, like call me a tiny cock loser.

After that I became her on-demand anal toy. She would call me when she wanted anal. Eventually, I began to last longer, but only if I distracted myself by thinking about math formulas. I always had to lick her out. Unfortunately, I was a senior and she was a sophomore. So when I graduated, my ‘fucking’ future looked bleak. I got a job literally 2,000 miles away and never saw her again. It’s been 4 years and I’ve been sexless.

Mean Small Penis Humiliation

And the Survey Says: Women Dislike Small Penises

* 70% of females have experienced sex with a penis larger than 7.5″ in length.

* 93% of women have measured their partner’s penis, even if it was only an estimate. Only 7% of females have never thought to actually measure their partner’s penis size.

* 73% of females had their most enjoyable vaginal experience with the sexual partner who had the LARGEST penis.

* 37% of females have actually dumped a partner purely because the size of their penis was too SMALL.

* 80% of females consider a BIG (i.e. 7″ – 8.5″) or huge (9″+) penis more sexually exciting to look at than an average sized penis.

* 81% of females, given the choice between equally attractive men, would choose the man with a BIGGER penis.

* 67% of females would choose an average looking and built male with a big penis over a HOT looking man with an average penis.

* Only 3% of females prefer a small penis to a big penis.

* MOST females admit they would cheat on or cuckold their loyal boyfriend or husband JUST to experience a bigger penis.

* 45% of white females have had sex with a black man.

* 75% of white females who haven’t been with a black man would like to experience SEX with a black man.

* 33% of white females who have experienced sex with a black man admit that they are no longer interested in sex with a white man, and believe the statement “Once you go black you never go back” to be true.

* 98% of females consider both penis length and girth important.

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Tiny Cock Confession: Cocky Jock

I am a good-looking well-built young guy. I actually was a frat boy in the best house at a big university, but graduated a few years ago. Anyway, I was always the cocky jock type in school and dated lots of girls (thought I was the shit). I didn’t think anything was up that I only got one or two dates with girls, meaning the girls never wanted to get with me again after we fucked. I thought they were just cock-whoring or playing “fuck and chuck”.

That is, until a sorority girl I took back to my room put her hands down my pants, she had been telling me all night how she could not wait to get me alone and see my body and I swear she almost creamed when I took off my shirt, I mean she basically attacked me!

Well as soon as she got her hands down there she started to giggle. She was pretty drunk so I thought she was just playing as she kept feeling around. Then she looked up at me and asked, “Are you hard?” When I replied yes, she said, “No way! Take off your pants.” Well, I was thinking she liked what she felt down there and wanted to get me naked so we could hook up, but when I got my pants off she turned on the light and looked at me in amazement. She asked if that was as big as it gets and I said yes. It was obvious she wasn’t impressed, but the bigger shock was that it turned me on and I got even harder. She started to laugh hysterically and I did not know what to do, I had never had complaints before, well not that any girl said directly to me y’know? But I couldn’t believe I was so turned on by this girl giggling at my cock in humiliation.

She looked at me and said, “With a penis that small you should be the one in panties. Wearing boxers is false advertising dickhead.” She then slid off the tiny pink thong she was wearing and told me to put it on. I thought she was kidding and said no way it won’t fit. She said, “Oh I think it will and I will bet you, if your little tiny cock fits in my thong, you have to go down on me till I say you can quit, and you have to wear the thong panties for the rest of the nite. If you win, I will go down on you and give you the best blow job ever.”

Thinking with the wrong head I agreed and slipped them on, I was rock hard, but they easily covered everything I had, nothing poked out not even my balls and she said, “Wwww look at the cute little clitty in pink thong panties.” Till that point I never realized I had a tiny cock, I actually thought I was above average, but she really put me in my place. Ever since then I have compensated for my tiny cock even more on the outside (acting cockier, working out more, copping attitude). I know I have small penis, but now I constantly have a small penis humiliation fantasy that a woman, or better yet a group of women would put me in my place like that again.

As to our bet, I did wear the thong panties for the rest of the nite and she made me go down for at least 2 hours until she came about 10 times. She never let me have sex with her or go on dates, but she would call me regularly on the weekends when she came home drunk for me to come over and give her head, but she always made me put on a pair of panties first, because she said they would keep me and my tiny cock from getting any little ideas about trying to have sex with her.

I read some of your posts on your small penis humiliation blog, and they totally turn me on and remind me of the girl that did that to me. I would love to amuse your girlfriends, and serve at your feet in any way I can. I really am a guy that most of you would think is buff and hot, I guess until you got below the belt. Let me know if there is anything I can do to amuse or worship a Small Penis Humiliation Size Queen Goddess like you.

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