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Red Car Small Penis blog takes a brief departure from small penis humiliation to write about the automotive market. Chinese and Indian cars are coming to the US. The cheapest new wheels since the Yugo (yes, made in Yugoslavia) was imported to the US are coming within the next few years. Will the quality of these Asian cars be reflected in the cheap price tag? Or will the quality be on par with Japanese and US automakers, but at a lower price due to cheaper labor in their countries of origin? Or even in the country where they’re assembled? One Chinese car maker built a factory in Mexico to assemble cars for the North and South American marketplace. Will these cheaper cars humiliate American car manufacturers or will the Asian and Chinese car makers be humiliated if their cars are of dubious quality?

Now back to the focus of this Red Car Small Penis blog… Some of the Asian car makers are talking about price tags less than $10K and better fuel economy than other cars in their classes, which will attract American buyers on the price and fuel factors alone. However, reliability will also be a big factor according to auto market analysts. “Foreign, low-priced car introductions have classically failed,” states auto analyst Kevin xxxxxxx, who responded to an email inquiry from Red Car Small Penis blog, but didn’t wish his last name to be associated with my Small Penis blog due to its adult nature.

“Malcolm Bricklin, of the eponymous Bricklin sports car, actualized a business plan for introducing lower priced foreign cars into the US market. His initial attempt failed when he brought the first Subarus to America, the first Subaru imports were of poor quality, although Subaru was much later able to gain small market share with their wagons. Bricklin used the same concept again in introducing The Yugo to America. The Slavic made Fiat, dubbed The Yugo, debuted in the 1980’s in America with new models selling for $3,990. Sales stalled after severe quality issues arose and the Yugo sales effort folded. It remains to be seen if the Chinese or Indian cars will become popular in the US. There is already a buyer perception in the US that products from China and India are cheap, low quality and break easily. People will apply this perception to cars that originate from China and India. But people may be willing to buy these as throwaway cars. Spend $6,995 on a car that will last 4 years, then buy another and so on. By the way, I love your Red Car Small Penis blog, it’s very funny and creative, but I just can’t have my full name in it!”

Red Car Small Penis blog thanks Kevin for taking the time to respond to my query…

Coda: There is one aspect of this Red Car Small Penis blog that may relate to small penis humiliation… How will women react to men buying cheap Chinese and Indian cars? Will it be the same reaction they would have to men who buy cheap cologne, cheap wine, cheap watches, that these men are cheap and most likely endowed with a small penis? In contrast, even though a man who buys a Red Ferrari has a small penis, at least he has money and isn’t cheap, well isn’t cheap on the wheels. So it will be interesting to see if women react to men driving these cheap import cars with small penis humiliation.

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  1. EPL says:

    Thanks for writing this, I like how you combine straight auto news with humiliation, did you ever think of doing that to the regular news on another blog?

  2. button dick says:

    Great site!

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