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Red Car Small Penis – Exceptions to the Rules

Red Car Small Penis – Exceptions to the Rules

Does owning or driving a red car necessarily signify that a man has a small penis? Well, there are exceptions to every rule. For instance, a recent blog post here on Red Car Small Penis explored that Kobe Bryant drives a Red Ferrari, but it’s been well documented that he doesn’t lack size. That being said, are there certain categories of men who the Red Car Small Penis rule doesn’t apply to?

Eric Clapton is known for his legendary guitar play, but he’s also known as a collector of expensive sports cars, particularly a custom built Red Ferrari Enzo that cost him well over $4 million. Another extremely wealthy musician who has an extensive red car collection is the drummer for Pink Floyd, Nick Mason. He is known to be fanatical about his cars and has a passion for racing these finely tuned machines. But are these guys advertising that they’re short, short men, or do they just like expensive toys?

Maybe it’s because these guys are über rich and have nothing else to do with their money. The principle that guys who buy Red sports cars automatically have small penises may not apply to super wealthy men who are buying expensive toys to play with as opposed to guys wanting to drive flashy Red small penis size compensation cars to attract females on the streets.

Or maybe there’s a geographical distinction, since these guys are both of English descent. There is a long history of buying sports cars in England, dating back to roadsters in the 20’s. The British didn’t go through the phallocentric auto trends of every decade like Americans have, examples: hot rods, muscle cars, street racers, etc. Buying a Red sports car may be emblematic of the British culture for an appreciation of the sports car, of racing, of good taste. Could Red Car Small Penis say that buying a Red sports car doesn’t automatically equal small penis humiliation for British sports car owners? Like I said to start this entry, there are exceptions to the rules, but one thing is certain, there is a high correlation to driving a Red car with having a small penis. So if you drive a Red sports car, expect to be humiliated by girls flashing the small penis humiliation pinky wave unless you can prove your size. Otherwise take it you’re advertising you’re small where it matters most!

Small Penis Humiliation

Red Car Small Penis previously blogged about high end sports cars being abandoned by their former owners in Dubai as primarily British expats were fleeing Dubai in humiliation to avoid debtor’s prison. Now… a red Ferrari Enzo abandoned by its British owner will be going up for auction. This rare million dollar Ferrari Enzo (named after the legendary Enzo who launched the Ferrari sports car), even though covered in desert sand and exposed to the elements for over a year, will presumably go for a high auction price and be refurbished to its former polished look.

Red Ferrari Humiliation

The humiliated British expat, who went from rich to pauper, must be experiencing small penis humiliation as he dumped his million dollar Enzo at the airport due to falling behind on payments and other driving fines then hopped a flight back home with his small penis tucked between his legs. Only 399 Ferrari Enzo models were manufactured and some of their high profile owners include multi-millionaires Tommy Hilfiger and Eric Clapton. This former high profile Enzo owner is surely experiencing the humiliation of taking the tube (British slang for subway) or other public transportation since he most likely lost his job in the oil biz or construction biz when those industries went bust in Dubai. But imagine if any dates find out he used to own and lost a Ferrari Enzo! He will deserve any small penis humiliation verbal abuse these women dish at him.

Small Penis Syndrome

I originally blogged about Tommy Hilfiger and his Red Ferrari several years ago when I was running my small penis humiliation blog Tumblr style. The former Red Car Small Penis phone sex blog featured small penis humiliation photos accompanied by short and sassy Red Car Small Penis descriptions. Back in 2009 my opinion was that Tommy Hilfiger and his Red Ferrari Enzo definitely reflected the red car small penis syndrome. My opinion hasn’t changed. For Tommy Hilfiger, a multimillionaire, buying a Red Ferrari Enzo would be like me buying a used Dodge Neon. And while wealth has its privileges, we are what we drive. That is one of the bottom lines of car ownership. Our car is the shell that the world sees and connects to us, it is a dramatic and powerful presentation of our selves, our battle armor that goes out on the road.

Tommy Hilfiger used to drive a vintage Jeep Wagoneer that was lovingly restored down to the wood side panels. (Pun intended, these old wooden side paneled cars are known as woodies.) This was the old Tommy Hilfiger, conservative family station wagon driver, who then upgraded to his mid-life crisis toy, the Red Ferrari Enzo. No doubt that people recognize Tommy Hilfiger and his Red Ferrari Enzo in Connecticut where he lives and cruises. But women will wonder when they know that the American driver of a Red sports car is rich, whether the Red sports car is a conspicuous symbol of wealth (with a dash of mid-life crisis) or small penis humiliation.

Kobe Bryant Red Ferrari – Small Penis Humiliation Exception

Kobe Bryant is well-endowed both in the pants and in the wallet, although perhaps not so well-endowed in the wallet post-divorce to Vanessa Bryant. Kobe isn’t quite in the age bracket of the mid-life crisis Red sports car buyer. But he is in the category of divorce consolation Red sports car buyer dropping nearly $285K on a Red Ferrari 458. Kobe’s speedy new Red toy goes from zero to sixty in 3.2 seconds. How much do you want to bet he’s tested this to be sure he got his money’s worth?

Kobe Bryant Red Ferrari

Only a few men who buy expensive Red sports cars are so cocksure of themselves and their penis size, that the Red color choice isn’t even a small penis humiliation issue. No woman seeing Kobe Bryant cruising in his Ferrari 458 is going to be thinking Kobe has a small penis or thinking they should give the small penis humiliation pinkie wave. Instead, they are going to be yelling: Kobeeee!!! hoping to get the baller’s attention. Although lately, the only woman who seems to have been getting Kobe Bryant’s attention has been his ex-wife! Yes, there are reports and photos of Kobe and Vanessa getting kissy kissy and rumors that they might be making up…

Red Car Small Penis Humiliation – Vegas Style

this small penis humiliation blog post submitted by a frequent visitor to Vegas…

The phrase “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” suggests people come to America’s adult playground for wild decadent times of gambling and partying with a general anything goes attitude. Many guys come hoping to experience the high-roller lifestyle of comped rooms, great food and winning streaks making them feel like big spenders.

One industry that seems to be taking advantage of the situation (but not as much as the casinos) is the exotic car rental business. Customers can pony up a couple hundred to a thousand dollars to ride around in Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and other extravagant sports cars for a few hours. These exotic rental car companies cater to guys who want to get a thrill of driving these sports cars that retail upwards of $400K. The amusing thing is that almost every car on these lots is small penis humiliation Red (or some variation of the small penis humiliation color scheme such as yellow or orange).

The guys renting these autos are essentially signaling to the world that they are cursed with the small penis affliction. Although it’s probably not intentional, they are telling all the girls on the strip that they are small where it matters… in their pants! And not only that, since they’re merely renting and not buying these small penis humiliation vehicles, they’re most likely small in another area that matters to most women… their wallets!

It’s not an infrequent occurrence for a group of guys to rent out one of these sports cars in small penis humiliation Red and cruise up and down the Las Vegas strip looking to attract all the pretty girls bouncing between the casinos and clubs. Little do these guys know, but they’re signaling their lack of penis size to the hot chicks. Women are totally aware of the trend that a guy driving a Red car most likely has a small penis. On more than one occasion in Vegas, I’ve seen a pretty girl on the strip flash the universal small penis humiliation sign with their thumb and forefinger while laughing with their friends as these guys pathetically attempt to impress them with their rented high-end exotic red cars.

I guess as long as these guys’ memories are as short as what’s in their pants, then the saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” may still ring true. Otherwise, the feelings of small penis humiliation that they suffered from the girls pointing and laughing at them will remain long after their vacation to Sin City is over. Renting these exotic Red cars in the desert of Nevada is just one more way for these men to experience small penis humiliation – Vegas style!!!

Red Car Small Penis Humiliation Not for Girls

Red Car Small Penis Humiliation is not for girls. Girls can drive whatever sportscar in whatever car color they desire without fear of humiliation or being seen as overcompensating. In fact, when girls drive a red car, it’s viewed as a sexual signal, as in red hot! There’s an old song by Prince, Sweet Little Red Corvette, that is basically about a girl’s sexuality being tied into Red car symbolism. Girls can motor around in a Red Corvette, Porsche or Ferrari and the only thing guys will think is, well, let’s just say guys will not be thinking, they will be reacting!

So on Black Friday, Paris Hilton gave herself a very expensive gift, a $277,000 Red Ferrari sportscar. Now that Paris has broken up with her wealthy Vegas club magnate fiance, Paris must need to console herself and advertise that she’s a hot ride with a hot ride. Nothing advertises a girl on the prowl for sex more than when she’s cruising around in an expensive red Italian sportscar. But perhaps there is some humiliation and overcompensation in Paris Hilton buying a Red sports car? Obviously, it wouldn’t be small penis humiliation or size overcompensation, but… Recently, Paris didn’t handle an interview very well where the interviewer asked her if she felt irrelevant (having been replaced by Kim Kardashian). In fact, Paris was embarrassed and humiliated on live national tv. So perhaps, out of humiliation for being accused of irrelevancy, and to overcompensate, Paris decided to console herself and get spendy on a sports car.

Red Car Small Penis Humiliation Situations

The Situation, Mike Sorrentino, Jersey Shore’s finest, was recently featured on Red Car Small Penis while taking a Red Ferrari out for a test drive. Does Red Car Small Penis apply to The Situation? According to blonde bombshell Miami club promoter, Melody Eckerson, it does. The hot blonde sold her story to the tabloids where she dished on The Situation, namely that The Situation has a small penis. And has a quick-on-the-draw situation too. Oops. Now it gets worse. The Situation did end up buying a Red Ferrari to park next to his Black Bentley. The new Red Ferrari seems to be his ride of choice as whenever he’s spotted by the paparazzi, he’s in his small penis humiliation Red Ferrari mobile.

The Situation isn’t handicapped except perhaps in his pants. But he did break the law yesterday when he took a handicapped parking space with his small penis humiliation Red Ferrari. The worst aspect of his flagrant violation of parking law? He displaced a handicapped person from being able to park in a handicapped parking spot! And the situation and The Situation, make it both situations, have been caught on tape! Ladies, The Situation doesn’t deserve fist pumps when you see him roll by in his Red Ferrari, he deserves small penis humiliation little pinkie waves!

photo c/o Splash

Small Penis Humiliation Video

In this hilarious Youtube short video, a Red Smart Car driven by a small person is dissed by an orange Lamborghini Diablo driven by a dickless dickhead. The Lambo driver features an actor who couldn’t have more well chosen to play the part of a macho asshole. The Lambo driver is obviously thinking Red Car Small Penis when he pulls up next to the Red Smart Car, let alone that the driver is a small person. Watch the Red Smart Car vs. Orange Lamborghini Diablo video for the sexy and ironic pay-off!

There is no amount of money (well maybe billions) that can compensate for having a small penis, so perhaps men with small penises buy expensive sports cars as consolation prizes. Then they console themselves by driving around, dissing drivers of less expensive smaller cars to make themselves feel more manly and making lame attempts to impress women. But women are only thinking “small penis”, if not also delivering small penis humiliation gestures or giggles when they see these small penis losers driving their expensive penis extensions on wheels.

While small penis losers can’t impress women due to their physical shortcomings (pun intended), they think they can impress them with their money and sports cars of choice, usually a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Corvette or Maserati, to name the top small penis choices. And the most popular car colors for small penis losers, of course, are small penis humiliation Red, tiny cock humiliation orange and little dick humiliation yellow. Enjoy the video!

Red Car Small Penis Humiliation Worldwide

I recently asked one of my best friends, who is from Prague, whether Red Car Small Penis Humiliation holds true in Europe and Eastern Europe. Petra (name changed) obtained her doctorate in psychology in the US then returned home to the Czech Republic.

Petra… Red Car Small Penis Humiliation doesn’t prevail in Eastern Europe from what I’ve observed. Red is just a car color, and a popular car color! While women might be concerned about penis size and would laugh about a man with a small penis, I don’t think they’d make a connection between a man in a red car and small penis humiliation. Consider yourself lucky or affluent to have a car in Eastern Europe. Cars are expensive compared to a typical person’s income here and gas is astronomical compared to gas prices in the US. Luckily there is better public transportation in most of Eastern Europe or people live in towns or cities where there is good accessibility to whatever is needed. I don’t think any girl in Eastern Europe would think if she saw a man driving a red car that he had a small penis. She would be thrilled to find a man with a car and money to spend.

Small Penis Red Car

Petra continues… Now in Europe, the culture is different. The expensive red sports cars are everywhere. I think girls are used to seeing them, the Porsches, the Ferraris, the Lamborghinis, the BMWs, the Mercedes. The expensive red sports cars don’t stand out as much as they do in the US. I’ve been in every European country except Portugal and Lichtenstein. I was even to Monaco! Talk about Red Cars! Monaco had a lot of Red Ferraris. I didn’t pick up that there was a small penis motivation. European men buy red sports cars as a symbol and statement of wealth and power. In Europe, red is a very popular car color, regardless of car type. Maybe girls would think small penis humiliation if they saw a man trying to show off his red car, driving like a Formula One racer, vrooming his engine or burning the rubber off his tires. It would be the driving behavior, not the fact of owning the red car that would indicate small penis humiliation.

Petra concludes… Red Car Small Penis and the belief that a man driving a red car has a small penis is most popular in the US and the UK countries. And is probably true that most men with small penises buy red cars in those countries and attract small penis humiliation. (I asked Petra about the psychology behind this…) It would certainly be interesting to study why? I was reading some of your earlier blogs and I see some of your theories about attention and compensation about red car small penis humiliation and I would agree with those. Also, in the US, you definitely have a strong car culture. There are probably more American car owners per capita than any other country, no? (Petra’s per capita car ownership assumption was only slightly off. It’s Portugal, one of the European countries she hasn’t traveled to, where 7 out of 10 adult residents own cars; in the US, 5 out of 10 adult residents own cars.)

Red Ferrari Knit-Pick

Red Ferrari Pick

There was only one time in the history of my Red Car Small Penis blog that I wrote about a Red Ferrari without mentioning small penis humiliation. And the lone time I wrote about a Red Ferrari without small penis humiliation was??? My news story about the Ferrari Theme Park in the UAE. Nevertheless, you can’t drive this Red Ferrari, you can’t even sit in it or on it, but it’s still a Red Ferrari! Made of twelve miles of mostly red yarn, and nearly a year in the making, this Red Ferrari took longer to make than a factory Ferrari sports car! British art student, Lauren Porter, knit the car as an art project. Her Ferrari sports car art piece had been on exhibit in art galleries and auto shows in the UK and Europe for the past five years. Porter is now retiring it from exhibition and is selling her Red Ferrari knit-knack. And while Porter is hoping her unusual art project will find a home where many can enjoy the life-sized Red Ferrari, money talks! So if a private buyer wishes to buy her hand-knit Red Ferrari, the knit-wit will part with her art for the right price.

Will it be sold to a private buyer with a Red Ferrari sports car fetish who can’t afford the real thing? Will it be sold to a wealthy buyer with Red Car Small Penis syndrome who would like to put it in his man cave or media room as a conversation piece? Or add it to his car collection in his gallery garage as a Red Ferrari small penis humiliation folly? But in any case, the eventual buyer might suffer minor small penis humiliation in buying it, but at least the owner will never be seen driving it!

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