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Is a Red Car a Mating Signal for Men with a Small Penis ?

Or should I call this blog post: mini-fridge, small penis humiliation… The Superbowl yielded some interesting automotive related ads. One ad featured the new Chevy Camaro convertible. In this ad, a recent high school grad goes bananas over seeing a yellow sports car in front of his parents’ house, mistaking it as his graduation gift, overlooking that his parents bought him a mini-fridge for his dorm room. Disappointment doesn’t hit the recent grad, only confusion, when a paunchy middle-aged neighbor shows up with his golf club bag and drives away in the classic yellow Camaro, leaving the grad to wonder what happened while his parents offer up the mini-fridge decorated with a big red bow in lieu of the little deuce coupe?? The secondary story line in the commercial is that the real yellow car buyer market is most likely the middled aged small penis humiliation mid-life crisis buyer who can afford the pricey new Chevy Camaro. Another instance of Yellow is the New Red.

Fiat featured an interesting Femdom vs. beta male Superbowl commercial where the dominant female takes control of the small penis humiliation beta male wimp and teases him by grabbing his black tie (phallic subliminal) and painting frappucino cream on his lips (forced bi subliminal). She then morphs into a Fiat 500 Abarth and drives away. While the Fiat 500 Abarth is black with Red trim, and not small penis humiliation Red, one of my girlfriends interpreted the Red trim as a buying “signal” to beta males. Her credentials: She majored in marketing for a major university and worked in marketing for a major fast food corporation. So is the color Red a buying signal to beta males with small penises? I researched online about the color red as a “signal”, and it actually is a sexual mating signal. Do beta males with small penis humiliation feel they need to flash the Red mating signal in a Red car whereas more confident hung males do not?

Small Penis Humiliation New York City Style

a NYC contributor takes a look at another flashy item that attracts small penis humiliation…

Your observation on the correlation between Red cars and the size of a man’s penis is an interesting concept. The whole idea seems spot on in the sense that men tend to overcompensate for their small penis size. Driving flashy Red sports cars seems to be just one way they do this.

I’m from New York City and there aren’t many, if any, flashy Red car small penis humiliation sports cars cruising up and down Madison Avenue. That’s not to say that there aren’t any Red cars here driven by mini men, it’s just that I don’t think it’s as prevalent around here as it might be in other cities. There may be a few factors for this such as weather limitations (i.e. snow), can’t drive fast in the city, difficult to drive those types of cars in lots of traffic, etc. It could also mean that flashy Red cars don’t stand out on Manhattan’s busy streets, especially streets that are literally littered with thousands of yellow cars… cabbies! I think small penis humiliation drivers drive Red sports cars specifically to be seen, and when there is a sea of yellow cars flying around, it’s not likely that people will pay attention to the owner of a Red sports car.

That led me to start thinking that there might be other ways that guys compensate for their lack of size around here. The first thing that came to mind is material goods such as sporting large expensive watches. I read in GQ or Maxim that for men, BIG watches are in. There are many times while out at a bar or club I have seen guys lean on the bar and purposely flash their BIG expensive timepieces while waiting to be served a drink. Then one night I was at a bar and saw some girls sitting at the bar having drinks when a guy who went up to the bar to order a drink flashed his BIG expensive watch in front of them and they just laughed. After the guy got his drink and left the bar area, they continued laughing and made the small penis humiliation sign with their thumb and forefinger. So it would seem that anything big and flashy that a guy wears or drives will result in small penis humiliation! Instead of Red Car Small Penis, it’s BIG watch small penis and of course, small penis humiliation New York City Style for flashing the BIG watch.

Small Penis Humiliation Equation

Let’s discuss the small penis humiliation equation. It would figure that a car company and in this case, Chevrolet, would showcase a Red car, their new Chevy Sonic, in a bungee jumping commercial. The bungee riggers pushed the Red small penis humiliation Sonic off stacked shipping containers. The Chevy Sonic grille made a slight splash in a pool below before the bungee jump rigging snapped it back up into the air. Everyone knows that Red is a splashy car color. Red cars attract male buyers with small penises. Dangerous stunts also excite beta males with small penises, so what better way to combine attraction with excitement?

Meanwhile, back at the Chevy dealer, any guy who buys a Red Chevy Sonic, well, it will only mean one thing, and it won’t mean the buyer is an adrenaline junkie bungee jumping dude. It would mean the buyer has a small penis. Chevrolet is giving away 10 Chevy Sonics in a promotion to popularize the new car model, a small and sassy coupe designed for optimum gas mileage. Chevy wants the Sonic to appeal primarily to a 20 something male car buying market. Let’s just hope that any male winners of the Sonic car giveaway will select a color other than Red, unless of course, they want to attract small penis humiliation. It has become an equation where if hot chicks see a guy in a Red car they think “small penis” or “small penis humiliation”. The equation is: male driver + red car = small penis + small penis humiliation.

Red Car Small Penis Chevy Sonic Bungee Jump Equation

Red Car Not Small Penis Humiliation?

Where do Red Cars not infer small penis humiliation… In Europe! As my friend Petra from Prague reported in an earlier blog here on Red Car Small Penis, that European drivers of Red sports cars are not associated with small penis humiliation as much as they are in America. When I emailed Petra these photos of tennis champions Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal with their Red Mercedes Benzes, she emailed me this anti small penis humiliation response:

In European countries, there has been a long history of flashy red German and Italian sportscars. This history didn’t exist in America. Women are more likely to be interested in a man who has money. So any man with an expensive sportscar is perceived to be desirable, unlike in America, where women will mock a man driving a red sportscar with small penis humiliation. And one of the key words here is flashy. Men who have money want the world to know they have achieved wealth and success, and a red sports car demonstrates that. It doesn’t always mean they have a small penis. Some men will buy these cars in their mid-life crises, but they have the money to do so, that’s the point.

Rafael Nadal Red Mercedes Coupe

No Small Penis Humiliation for Rafael Nadal and his Red Mercedes Coupe

Dupont, the largest manufacturer of automotive paints publishes an annual report of car paint color popularity by country. This past year the report featured the following results for the color Red: Czech Republic at 15% (Petra will love that!), Finland at 12.8%, Greece at 12.7%, Spain at 12.5% and Belgium at 9.1%. Oddly enough, Italy and Germany did not rank in the Top Five for the color Red. Germany ranked in the Top Five for Black and Italy ranked for Grey.

Roger Federer Red Car

No Small Penis Humiliation for Roger Federer and his Red Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

Small Penis Blog

Red Car China

Red Car Small Penis blog takes a brief departure from small penis humiliation to write about the automotive market. Chinese and Indian cars are coming to the US. The cheapest new wheels since the Yugo (yes, made in Yugoslavia) was imported to the US are coming within the next few years. Will the quality of these Asian cars be reflected in the cheap price tag? Or will the quality be on par with Japanese and US automakers, but at a lower price due to cheaper labor in their countries of origin? Or even in the country where they’re assembled? One Chinese car maker built a factory in Mexico to assemble cars for the North and South American marketplace. Will these cheaper cars humiliate American car manufacturers or will the Asian and Chinese car makers be humiliated if their cars are of dubious quality?

Now back to the focus of this Red Car Small Penis blog… Some of the Asian car makers are talking about price tags less than $10K and better fuel economy than other cars in their classes, which will attract American buyers on the price and fuel factors alone. However, reliability will also be a big factor according to auto market analysts. “Foreign, low-priced car introductions have classically failed,” states auto analyst Kevin xxxxxxx, who responded to an email inquiry from Red Car Small Penis blog, but didn’t wish his last name to be associated with my Small Penis blog due to its adult nature.

“Malcolm Bricklin, of the eponymous Bricklin sports car, actualized a business plan for introducing lower priced foreign cars into the US market. His initial attempt failed when he brought the first Subarus to America, the first Subaru imports were of poor quality, although Subaru was much later able to gain small market share with their wagons. Bricklin used the same concept again in introducing The Yugo to America. The Slavic made Fiat, dubbed The Yugo, debuted in the 1980’s in America with new models selling for $3,990. Sales stalled after severe quality issues arose and the Yugo sales effort folded. It remains to be seen if the Chinese or Indian cars will become popular in the US. There is already a buyer perception in the US that products from China and India are cheap, low quality and break easily. People will apply this perception to cars that originate from China and India. But people may be willing to buy these as throwaway cars. Spend $6,995 on a car that will last 4 years, then buy another and so on. By the way, I love your Red Car Small Penis blog, it’s very funny and creative, but I just can’t have my full name in it!”

Red Car Small Penis blog thanks Kevin for taking the time to respond to my query…

Coda: There is one aspect of this Red Car Small Penis blog that may relate to small penis humiliation… How will women react to men buying cheap Chinese and Indian cars? Will it be the same reaction they would have to men who buy cheap cologne, cheap wine, cheap watches, that these men are cheap and most likely endowed with a small penis? In contrast, even though a man who buys a Red Ferrari has a small penis, at least he has money and isn’t cheap, well isn’t cheap on the wheels. So it will be interesting to see if women react to men driving these cheap import cars with small penis humiliation.

Small Penis Humiliation Reality

The bottom line reality is that if you drive a red sports car, women think you have a small penis and that you deserve small penis humiliation. Driving a Red sports car is like a small penis humiliation advertisement on wheels. You might as well have the doors of your Red sports car emblazoned with: Yes, I have a small penis! Or get a vanity tag that says: 4 inches. I think I would laugh hysterically if I saw a vanity license plate on a Red Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati or Porsche that was imprinted with a small penis size in inches. What would be funnier is if it said: 8 inches, as if the driver was truly trying to emphasize he wasn’t the small penis humiliation stereotype! To that driver, women would say: Prove it!

small penis humiliation red sports car

It’s amazing there are so many Red sports cars on the road with small penis humiliation male drivers! I see them literally every day. I live in an area where people’s identities are very much associated with their cars, SUVs or trucks. South Florida has a huge “car culture.” People feel they can read other people by the types of cars they drive, especially their income level. Or even assess the type of person by their wheels, e.g., a hybrid owner is more environmentally conscious and so on. I don’t disagree with this informal quick study analysis of people and their cars. There are different cars for different personality types. Red sports cars are definitely for the midlife crisis guys and the small penis humiliation losers.

Small Penis Humiliation Video

In this hilarious Youtube short video, a Red Smart Car driven by a small person is dissed by an orange Lamborghini Diablo driven by a dickless dickhead. The Lambo driver features an actor who couldn’t have more well chosen to play the part of a macho asshole. The Lambo driver is obviously thinking Red Car Small Penis when he pulls up next to the Red Smart Car, let alone that the driver is a small person. Watch the Red Smart Car vs. Orange Lamborghini Diablo video for the sexy and ironic pay-off!

There is no amount of money (well maybe billions) that can compensate for having a small penis, so perhaps men with small penises buy expensive sports cars as consolation prizes. Then they console themselves by driving around, dissing drivers of less expensive smaller cars to make themselves feel more manly and making lame attempts to impress women. But women are only thinking “small penis”, if not also delivering small penis humiliation gestures or giggles when they see these small penis losers driving their expensive penis extensions on wheels.

While small penis losers can’t impress women due to their physical shortcomings (pun intended), they think they can impress them with their money and sports cars of choice, usually a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Corvette or Maserati, to name the top small penis choices. And the most popular car colors for small penis losers, of course, are small penis humiliation Red, tiny cock humiliation orange and little dick humiliation yellow. Enjoy the video!

Small Penis Humiliation Red Car Hierarchy

Is a four door red sedan, Red pick-up truck, Red crossover or Red SUV less likely to draw small penis humiliation because they are not a two door Red sports car? Or doesn’t the type of Red vehicle matter when it comes to small penis humiliation? Red Car Small Penis analyzed this and deduced that it doesn’t matter what type of Red vehicle it is, it’s Red and it means the male driver has a small penis. But perhaps women might not feel that the level of small penis humiliation should be as severe for a Red SUV as it should be for a Red Sports Car.

So now the Red Car Small Penis blog has ranked Red vehicles in the hierarchy of small penis humiliation. Red Sports Cars now rank first, followed by Red Sedans, followed by Red Pick-up Trucks, followed by Red SUVs and Crossovers. Red isn’t a popular SUV color anyway. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a Red SUV on the road, although I do see quite a few tricked out Red Jeeps tooting around, especially to the beach.

Red Jeep SUV Small Penis Humiliation

So the Red Car Small Penis Humiliation Hierarchy is:

1. Red Sports Car (2 door)
2. Red Sedan (4 door)
3. Red Pick-up truck
4. Red SUV, Crossover or 4×4

One of my friends commented that she thinks a Red Pick-up Truck should be ranked second on the Hierarchy of Small Penis Humiliation and that Red Sedans should be ranked third. I might have to give this some additional consideration as a Red Pick-up Truck is a total small penis compensation vehicle whereas a Red Sedan might not be so blatantly representative of small penis humiliation.

Red Car Small Penis Humiliation Worldwide

I recently asked one of my best friends, who is from Prague, whether Red Car Small Penis Humiliation holds true in Europe and Eastern Europe. Petra (name changed) obtained her doctorate in psychology in the US then returned home to the Czech Republic.

Petra… Red Car Small Penis Humiliation doesn’t prevail in Eastern Europe from what I’ve observed. Red is just a car color, and a popular car color! While women might be concerned about penis size and would laugh about a man with a small penis, I don’t think they’d make a connection between a man in a red car and small penis humiliation. Consider yourself lucky or affluent to have a car in Eastern Europe. Cars are expensive compared to a typical person’s income here and gas is astronomical compared to gas prices in the US. Luckily there is better public transportation in most of Eastern Europe or people live in towns or cities where there is good accessibility to whatever is needed. I don’t think any girl in Eastern Europe would think if she saw a man driving a red car that he had a small penis. She would be thrilled to find a man with a car and money to spend.

Small Penis Red Car

Petra continues… Now in Europe, the culture is different. The expensive red sports cars are everywhere. I think girls are used to seeing them, the Porsches, the Ferraris, the Lamborghinis, the BMWs, the Mercedes. The expensive red sports cars don’t stand out as much as they do in the US. I’ve been in every European country except Portugal and Lichtenstein. I was even to Monaco! Talk about Red Cars! Monaco had a lot of Red Ferraris. I didn’t pick up that there was a small penis motivation. European men buy red sports cars as a symbol and statement of wealth and power. In Europe, red is a very popular car color, regardless of car type. Maybe girls would think small penis humiliation if they saw a man trying to show off his red car, driving like a Formula One racer, vrooming his engine or burning the rubber off his tires. It would be the driving behavior, not the fact of owning the red car that would indicate small penis humiliation.

Petra concludes… Red Car Small Penis and the belief that a man driving a red car has a small penis is most popular in the US and the UK countries. And is probably true that most men with small penises buy red cars in those countries and attract small penis humiliation. (I asked Petra about the psychology behind this…) It would certainly be interesting to study why? I was reading some of your earlier blogs and I see some of your theories about attention and compensation about red car small penis humiliation and I would agree with those. Also, in the US, you definitely have a strong car culture. There are probably more American car owners per capita than any other country, no? (Petra’s per capita car ownership assumption was only slightly off. It’s Portugal, one of the European countries she hasn’t traveled to, where 7 out of 10 adult residents own cars; in the US, 5 out of 10 adult residents own cars.)

Red Car Humiliation

On a new Spike TV reality show, Repo Games, contestants vie to win their repo’d car back if they can answer successive trivia questions correctly. If they win, Repo Games pays to get their car out of the repo lot. If they don’t, the contestants are even more humiliated than already having had their car repossessed for falling behind on car payments. Public humiliation is one of the fiercest forms of humiliation, being humiliated on tv in front of millions of viewers is devastating.

Red Car Humiliation

Repo Games producers came up with a winning reality tv show formula combining a trivia game show with more on the line than winning cash or prizes. The show goes on location to the actual repo lots where the contestants must answer trivia questions under pressure to win back their cars. In the case of one contestant, a Red sports car owner who had already suffered the humiliation of losing his Red car to the repo man, losing at the trivia game and losing his Red car forever was more than he could bear. Caught on tape was his angry response as he picked up a large rock and smashed his Red car’s windshield, most likely adding more monetary injury to insult as the creditor may hold him responsible for the damages. Humiliating!

photo of video screen cap c/o TMZ

small penis humiliation

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