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Do Small Red Cars Attract Small Penis Humiliation

Do Small Red Cars Attract Small Penis Humiliation…

Small Penis Humiliation Car

The new Toyota Scion iQ features an averaged 37 mpg, which is nearly the highest mpg of any non-hybrid on the road. Consumers are buying it for its gas mileage and easy to park size in cities where parking spaces are at a premium. The only other car that the Scion competes with on gas mileage and price is the Smart Car. But the Scion features more practical interior space and the Toyota engineering and quality that American car buyers revere. However, the question is, when women see a man driving a red Toyota Scion, will they be thinking small penis humiliation or tiny car – low gas mileage – environmentally aware – city driver? Especially with a tiny Red car, will they be thinking tiny cock humiliation? Red is a popular color with the smaller cars. The Red Car Small Penis blog can debate if Red is just a stand-out color for smaller fuel-efficient and city cars such as the Smart Car and Fiat 500 and Mini-Cooper as the Red color is reminiscent of Red toy cars. Since the Scion isn’t exactly a Red sports car a la the Red Car Small Penis humiliation Ferrari or Lamborghini, will Red Toyota Scion drivers attract small penis humiliation?

Red MINI, Mini Penis Humiliation!

A red BMW Mini Cooper was the prize in a recent German radio station contest where contestants pitched the most crazy and outrageous stunt they would do in order to win the car. And the winner was…Andreas Muller who committed to having the word MINI tattooed onto his penis! Red MINI, Mini Penis?

Red Mini Cooper - Mini Penis

The German radio station manager didn’t miss an opportunity to deliver the zinger that Andreas “won by a head”. The actual tattooing was broadcast live on the radio station by a female disc jockey, the live broadcast even included Andreas’ screams of pain. Notice in the photo that Andreas had to be taped and bound to the tattoo parlor chair! The German media captured photos of the small penis humiliation event and the kleinschwanz news story hit the internet. Even Chelsea Handler, on her Chelsea Lately show, covered the small penis humiliation story and commented that no woman would want to do a guy who had the word MINI tattooed on his penis.

Man gets small penis humiliation tattoo to win a Mini Cooper Contest

Andreas claims he’s going to be adding some tattoo flames to the MINI tattoo on his small penis to make it look like it’s in motion. What’s in motion? The MINI tattoo? His penis? Most likely his penis in motion in his hand!

When asked about the MINI penis tattoo pain, Andreas replied that once he was sitting in the Mini Cooper, the pain would disappear. Well, while we are laughing in small penis humiliation, Andreas is driving around in a Red BMW Mini Cooper worth $32,000. Perhaps Andreas is getting the last laugh as the humiliation and pain was worth it to win the Mini. Even if it meant thousands of people now know he has a MINI penis, that is, especially if he’s into small penis humiliation!

small penis humiliation

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