Red Car Small Penis Humiliation Worldwide

I recently asked one of my best friends, who is from Prague, whether Red Car Small Penis Humiliation holds true in Europe and Eastern Europe. Petra (name changed) obtained her doctorate in psychology in the US then returned home to the Czech Republic.

Petra… Red Car Small Penis Humiliation doesn’t prevail in Eastern Europe from what I’ve observed. Red is just a car color, and a popular car color! While women might be concerned about penis size and would laugh about a man with a small penis, I don’t think they’d make a connection between a man in a red car and small penis humiliation. Consider yourself lucky or affluent to have a car in Eastern Europe. Cars are expensive compared to a typical person’s income here and gas is astronomical compared to gas prices in the US. Luckily there is better public transportation in most of Eastern Europe or people live in towns or cities where there is good accessibility to whatever is needed. I don’t think any girl in Eastern Europe would think if she saw a man driving a red car that he had a small penis. She would be thrilled to find a man with a car and money to spend.

Small Penis Red Car

Petra continues… Now in Europe, the culture is different. The expensive red sports cars are everywhere. I think girls are used to seeing them, the Porsches, the Ferraris, the Lamborghinis, the BMWs, the Mercedes. The expensive red sports cars don’t stand out as much as they do in the US. I’ve been in every European country except Portugal and Lichtenstein. I was even to Monaco! Talk about Red Cars! Monaco had a lot of Red Ferraris. I didn’t pick up that there was a small penis motivation. European men buy red sports cars as a symbol and statement of wealth and power. In Europe, red is a very popular car color, regardless of car type. Maybe girls would think small penis humiliation if they saw a man trying to show off his red car, driving like a Formula One racer, vrooming his engine or burning the rubber off his tires. It would be the driving behavior, not the fact of owning the red car that would indicate small penis humiliation.

Petra concludes… Red Car Small Penis and the belief that a man driving a red car has a small penis is most popular in the US and the UK countries. And is probably true that most men with small penises buy red cars in those countries and attract small penis humiliation. (I asked Petra about the psychology behind this…) It would certainly be interesting to study why? I was reading some of your earlier blogs and I see some of your theories about attention and compensation about red car small penis humiliation and I would agree with those. Also, in the US, you definitely have a strong car culture. There are probably more American car owners per capita than any other country, no? (Petra’s per capita car ownership assumption was only slightly off. It’s Portugal, one of the European countries she hasn’t traveled to, where 7 out of 10 adult residents own cars; in the US, 5 out of 10 adult residents own cars.)

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