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Mitt Romney Red Car Video

In this clever political satire video by Romney Girl (check her out at, the hot blond Romney Girl dresses as the Swiss Miss (a little homage to Mitt’s Swiss bank accounts) while singing along to Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” melody. Romney Girl has penned witty and sarcastic new lyrics to the Aqua tune, bashing Mitt for his bourgeois lifestyle, hiding his millions in overseas bank accounts, going “taxless”, silver tipping his hair and more. In the opening of the video, she skips up to Mitt in his Red Mustang and asks him “do you have something to hide” which in addition to the money he has stashed in offshore accounts and the tax returns he won’t reveal, could Romney Girl be hinting at: Mitt is also hiding a small penis! Why else would she have artfully placed the Mitt Romney lookalike in a Red sports car unless… Mitt Romney Red Car Small Penis!

Mitt and the Swiss Miss Barbie Girl ride around in New York City and various high faluting or fellating places like a mansion with bubbling spa, champagne that popped its foamy money shot and a yacht club. Supposedly Mitt owns a Red Mustang convertible, a midlife crisis birthday gift from his wife! Check out my new favorite small penis humiliation video, Romney Girl, on Youtube. Oops, it seems that Universal Music Group didn’t enjoy the parody of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” that Romney Girl used in her video and so the evil corporate magnates (Republicans?) requested that Youtube take down the video.

from a Red Car Small Penis blog reader: yes you are right, it’s New York City. the bank is Chase Bank, where you see the flag flying across the building with pillars is the New York Stock Exchange, the bull is a symbol of the bull market for Wall Street and I’m pretty sure where the boats are moored is Chelsea Piers…

Red Car Big Dick

When I write Red Car Big Dick, in this case, I refer to dick in the pejorative, not the anatomical sense. Check out the Red Ferrari 458 driver in New York City who tried to dick his way out of a parking ticket by driving away from the police officer who had warned the driver, Julien Chabbott, to remain on the sidewalk while the ticket was issued. The Ferrari owner, an app developer who co-developed the app known as Line Snob, didn’t heed the police officer’s directive and even tried to drive away, running over part of the officer’s foot. Hmmm did he think he could get away sans ticket after pulling that smooth move? When he’s in line to be arraigned by a judge, will he be able to use his Line Snob app and jump the line?

Yes, his Line Snob app’s theme is where to go to shop, party or travel without long waits in lines. Wonder if he thought about the line to get fingerprinted and have his mug shot photo taken as well. The icing on the Red Car Small Penis humiliation cake is when he’s getting dragged off to some NYC police station, his blonde eye candy piece, Stephanie Pratt, from the tv show “The Hills” (Spencer Pratt’s sister, yes that Spencer Pratt of the famewhore duo Heidi and Spencer) takes off in the Red Ferrari valued at over $250K. Small penis humiliation as this was all captured on Youtube and the humiliating Youtube video has over 2,100,000 views and counting. Nothing like millions of people knowing: Red Car Big Dick.

Youtube video credit: Damian Morys

Update: Chabbott now claims that a valet was negligent in not parking his Ferrari and that the police officer erred in writing him a ticket. It would seem a simple explanation to the officer and confirmation by the hotel or valet would support the scenario instead of Chabbott trying to drive away and blow off the ticket.

Small Penis Humiliation New York City Style

a NYC contributor takes a look at another flashy item that attracts small penis humiliation…

Your observation on the correlation between Red cars and the size of a man’s penis is an interesting concept. The whole idea seems spot on in the sense that men tend to overcompensate for their small penis size. Driving flashy Red sports cars seems to be just one way they do this.

I’m from New York City and there aren’t many, if any, flashy Red car small penis humiliation sports cars cruising up and down Madison Avenue. That’s not to say that there aren’t any Red cars here driven by mini men, it’s just that I don’t think it’s as prevalent around here as it might be in other cities. There may be a few factors for this such as weather limitations (i.e. snow), can’t drive fast in the city, difficult to drive those types of cars in lots of traffic, etc. It could also mean that flashy Red cars don’t stand out on Manhattan’s busy streets, especially streets that are literally littered with thousands of yellow cars… cabbies! I think small penis humiliation drivers drive Red sports cars specifically to be seen, and when there is a sea of yellow cars flying around, it’s not likely that people will pay attention to the owner of a Red sports car.

That led me to start thinking that there might be other ways that guys compensate for their lack of size around here. The first thing that came to mind is material goods such as sporting large expensive watches. I read in GQ or Maxim that for men, BIG watches are in. There are many times while out at a bar or club I have seen guys lean on the bar and purposely flash their BIG expensive timepieces while waiting to be served a drink. Then one night I was at a bar and saw some girls sitting at the bar having drinks when a guy who went up to the bar to order a drink flashed his BIG expensive watch in front of them and they just laughed. After the guy got his drink and left the bar area, they continued laughing and made the small penis humiliation sign with their thumb and forefinger. So it would seem that anything big and flashy that a guy wears or drives will result in small penis humiliation! Instead of Red Car Small Penis, it’s BIG watch small penis and of course, small penis humiliation New York City Style for flashing the BIG watch.

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