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When Did Red Car Small Penis Humiliation Begin?

I’ve been researching the moment that Red Car Small Penis Humiliation began in the US…and I narrowed it down to one particular decade. I’ve been conducting unofficial research, querying women of different ages as to when they thought their perception of American men driving Red cars meant the drivers had small penises. And the answer? The Eighties!

However, let me preface that with…there was some movement toward small penis humiliation being related to driving a specific type of car when muscle cars came into prominence, but car color was not the factor. Merely driving around a muscle car with a souped up engine either attracted girls who were into the hot rod type cars and their macho drivers or it put off girls who thought the drivers were making up for lack of penis size in their pants with horsepower under the hood. However, the small penis driver perception wasn’t color driven at that point.

Red Car without Small Penis Humiliation?Red Pontiac GTO Small Penis?

It seems that the Red Car Small Penis humiliation perception took hold in the Eighties. Several women who were in their twenties in that decade told me they definitely started thinking that guys driving around Red sports cars had small penises. I asked if there was any cultural defining moment that caused them to think Red Car Small Penis? A tv show, a song, a movie, anything? Alas, there didn’t seem to be anything specific as to how red car small penis humiliation came about in the USA.

The inception of small penis humiliation related to Red car drivers bears further research. I’d also be interested in hearing from any blog readers via comment or to my email as to why they think the Eighties was the decade when Red Car Small Penis humiliation became part of our culture.

Red Mustang vs. Red Jaguar – Small Penis POV

I watched the original of “The Mechanic” starring Charles Bronson and Jan Michael Vincent on Netflix, already aware of the brilliant scene featuring the fatal explosion of the Red Mustang at the end of the 1972 classic. Whereas in some films, Red cars are definitive small penis jokes, I never thought at any point in the movie that the Red Mustang held any symbolic meaning re: a small penis. Instead I interpreted that Red was the color of temptation, and this irresistible temptation to drive the souped up Red Mustang was what killed Jan Michael Vincent’s character. Would it have been as effective and believable a cinematic temptation had the Mustang been green (as in “Bullitt”), powder blue or gold? Unequivocally no. And the note Bronson left for Vincent, isn’t revenge the ultimate humiliation?

Humiliation Revenge Red Mustang Explodes in the Mechanic

Fast forward to 2011 and Jason Statham and Ben Foster are reprising the Bronson and Vincent roles in the adrenaline-injected remake. While some of Bronson’s die-hard fans found it sacrilegious to touch a Bronson classic, Hollywood couldn’t resist remaking a movie starring a hitman, a young protege, homoeroticism, guns, testosterone and explosions. All of the ingredients that a studio would topload into an action film to attract, as actress Helen Mirren has quipped about typical Hollywood fare, “small penis movie-goers.” Except in the remake, the Red Mustang has been replaced by a Jaguar Series II E-Type FHC (fixed head coupe). Again, the color is Red as no other color would symbolize the deathtrap or serve as a credible lure for the young Mechanic to drive away. However, unlike the Red Mustang, I do get a small penis vibe from the Red Jaguar, even hinted in the shape of the car itself.

I assume a twist to the original explosive finale could have been for the Jag engine to make a palpable stall then start and while the audience would be collectively holding their breath, waiting for Foster to find and read the humiliating note and anticipate the inevitable, the Red Jag could have not exploded. And that certainly would have left an opening for a sequel. Jason Statham, who I get a rather large penis vibe from, showed up at the The Mechanic movie premiere in a Red Jaguar Series II E-Type FHC to properly pimp the car and the film.

Small Penis Humiliation POV Car

But the “versus” issue in my blog title is, not which version of “The Mechanic” was better, as there is no question, and not so much a Red Car? Small Penis! issue, but I’m asking for your POV: which car was the superior Red temptation? I say the Red Mustang. What say you?

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