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Small Penis Humiliation Video

In this hilarious Youtube short video, a Red Smart Car driven by a small person is dissed by an orange Lamborghini Diablo driven by a dickless dickhead. The Lambo driver features an actor who couldn’t have more well chosen to play the part of a macho asshole. The Lambo driver is obviously thinking Red Car Small Penis when he pulls up next to the Red Smart Car, let alone that the driver is a small person. Watch the Red Smart Car vs. Orange Lamborghini Diablo video for the sexy and ironic pay-off!

There is no amount of money (well maybe billions) that can compensate for having a small penis, so perhaps men with small penises buy expensive sports cars as consolation prizes. Then they console themselves by driving around, dissing drivers of less expensive smaller cars to make themselves feel more manly and making lame attempts to impress women. But women are only thinking “small penis”, if not also delivering small penis humiliation gestures or giggles when they see these small penis losers driving their expensive penis extensions on wheels.

While small penis losers can’t impress women due to their physical shortcomings (pun intended), they think they can impress them with their money and sports cars of choice, usually a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Corvette or Maserati, to name the top small penis choices. And the most popular car colors for small penis losers, of course, are small penis humiliation Red, tiny cock humiliation orange and little dick humiliation yellow. Enjoy the video!

Is Yellow the New Small Penis Humiliation Car Color?

From the Red Car? Small Penis! eMailbag:

Sara, I love your small penis humiliation blog, and you do remind me of Sarah Silverman. Your sense of humor and I think she’s very sexy and attractive, too. I enjoyed your blog write-up about what Sarah Silverman’s father put on his Twitter about car size vs. penis size in Boca, now that was funny. And I totally agree about your theory that Orange is the new Red! But can I share with you my theory about yellow cars. I think there are some men with small penises who are “afraid” to buy Red cars. They feel it will mark them as having small penises, and bring them small penis humiliation, so they buy yellow sportscars instead. I am living proof. Walt

New Small Penis Humiliation

I just found your blog, you’re too much! I am addicted to reading auto blogs and your blog came up on a search. A girl writing a car blog, but it’s really about small penis humiliation, now that’s original! Here’s my picture. I have a small one in case you couldn’t guess. And I could have bought a Red Maserati, but I knew it would be like wearing a sign, hey I have a small pickle. I thought yellow, expensive and a powerful engine would command some respect on the street. Occasionally, girls giggle when they see me driving it and I’ve gotten the small penis humiliation salute (little pinkie wave as you call it), so I think they know. This is both humiliating and exciting. I like to drive around, just soaking it all up. Max

Small Penis Humiliation Sports Car Color

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