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Small Penis Humiliation

Red Car Small Penis previously blogged about high end sports cars being abandoned by their former owners in Dubai as primarily British expats were fleeing Dubai in humiliation to avoid debtor’s prison. Now… a red Ferrari Enzo abandoned by its British owner will be going up for auction. This rare million dollar Ferrari Enzo (named after the legendary Enzo who launched the Ferrari sports car), even though covered in desert sand and exposed to the elements for over a year, will presumably go for a high auction price and be refurbished to its former polished look.

Red Ferrari Humiliation

The humiliated British expat, who went from rich to pauper, must be experiencing small penis humiliation as he dumped his million dollar Enzo at the airport due to falling behind on payments and other driving fines then hopped a flight back home with his small penis tucked between his legs. Only 399 Ferrari Enzo models were manufactured and some of their high profile owners include multi-millionaires Tommy Hilfiger and Eric Clapton. This former high profile Enzo owner is surely experiencing the humiliation of taking the tube (British slang for subway) or other public transportation since he most likely lost his job in the oil biz or construction biz when those industries went bust in Dubai. But imagine if any dates find out he used to own and lost a Ferrari Enzo! He will deserve any small penis humiliation verbal abuse these women dish at him.

Red Ferrari Theme Park?

Yes, it’s true. But it’s actually a Ferrari Theme Park, with a Red color scheme for the main park structure, depicted below. Slated to open this month, Ferrari World is located in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates. Why Abu Dhabi? The Gulf region boasts a wealthy population with a passion for motorsports. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, a Formula One race, is held annually less than an hour away. Where else, but in one of the richest cosmopolitan cities in the Middle East region, would there be such conspicuous display of affluence and a plethora of expensive supercars on the road?

Ferrari Theme Park

OK, I admit, if I had been asked where I thought the new Ferrari Theme Park was located, I would not have guessed Abu Dhabi. I would have guessed Las Vegas, but not based on high per capita income or abundance of Red Italian sportscars cruising the Strip. Las Vegas would have been my guess mainly because it has desert land in proximity where such a park could have been developed and it has a continuous supply of tourists. Or I would have guessed one of the Disney locations, as there are continual “thrill ride” additions to the Disney theme park empire.

Ferrari Theme Park claims to fame: 1. First Ferrari Theme Park 2. World’s Fastest Roller Coaster at 150 mph // 240 km/h 3. Largest Ferrari Logo in the World (note: the largest Ferrari Logo in the World isn’t doing anything for me).

Theme attractions: See above plus 1. Racing simulators 2. Theme park ride water ride thru a Ferrari engine 3. Ferrari Racing School 4. Video history of Ferrari Racing and the Ferrari Factory 5. Ferrari cars including classic and concept cars on display 6. A Ferrari G-Force Simulator Tower Ride 7. An aerial tour of Italy following a Red Ferrari driving over the road and more, more, more.

But I find it ironic that while this multi-million dollar park is opening in Abu Dhabi, not too far away, in Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, Ferraris and other sportscars are being abandoned in record numbers due to the collapse of the building boom and cut-backs in oil company staffing. I imagine when this theme park was first envisioned, financed and developed, that the Gulf economy was not in such dire straits.

Image c/o Ferrari World

Cheap Red Sports Car Repo’s – The Humiliation

Looking for a deal on a used Red luxury sports car? If you don’t mind traveling to Dubai or dusting off a bit of sand, you can buy a Red sportscar repo, cheap. Of course, it will cost you a trip to Dubai to buy it, shipping to your destination, taxes, tariffs, modifications to your country’s emission standards, but all that aside, bargains await! Even Dubai has not escaped the wrath of the wrecked economy. Primarily British expatriates, working in Dubai in the construction or oil biz, signed on the dotted line for hefty car loans to finance primo wheels to look like they fit in with the nouveau riche of the world’s biggest oil and building boomtown.

Now in Dubai, I’m not sure if “red car, small penis” holds true for all drivers, but I would imagine function follows form at least for the UK expats. But unlike in the US, where if your car gets repo’d, you get a smack on your credit report, Dubai arrests debtors and throws them into debtors prison! Some expats are stuck in Dubai, stripped of their passports, trying to work off their debts however they can in order to avoid jailtime. Talk about Financial Domination!

Most of us who live in big cities regularly see abandoned cars on the streets, the cars get stickered and eventually towed, but what we don’t usually see are cars like this:

Cheap Humiliation

or this:

Red Sports Car Humiliation

…covered in sand, left abandoned by their owners, who most likely fled the country. The largest concentration of abandoned vehicles is at the Dubai airport. Is it considered the penultimate small penis humiliation to abandon your Red sportscar in an airport parking lot before you flee the country?

small penis humiliation

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