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Car Shows – for Small Penis Humiliation Losers?

I was signed up with a modeling agency in Miami for 7 years. But since I was not a serious model, not a tall willowy anorexic girl, not available when the agency snapped their fingers, not interested in working for free, I didn’t get many ‘bookings’. I learned to avoid the pimp / ho gig. This meant just because the models might be working ‘it’ for free, meaning to add ‘it’ to their portfolio, didn’t mean the agency wasn’t paid to procure them. I couldn’t stomach that type of exploitation. And this is often how it works for the scourge of the modeling scene here…car shows.

The agency tells you that you won’t be getting paid for the car show, but that you can charge $5 per photo that some pervert groper, small penis humiliation loser or sleazy slimeball pays to stand next to you and have his picture taken while he slides his hand onto your ass cheek and grabs a half moon. Well, the agency doesn’t go into such glorious detail, but you know the deal with the small penis humiliation losers who lust for ogling hot cars and hot girls to compensate for having small penises. While the modeling agency might be getting $5,000 to provide 50 girls to the 2 day show, you aren’t getting ‘paid’. The agency tells you that some girls make $100’s of dollars at these events. Hmmmm, show me the girl who does. I know, porn stars or has-been playmates! Yes, usually a not so famous porn star or two or the June 2002 Penthouse Pet will show up at these events, but they will not only be paid because their hustlers aka agents have pimped them out for marquis value, but they also get the best spot (hottest, raciest car) and make more $ posing with small penis humiliation losers, while their bodyguard monitors those roving hands. If I had wanted to collect $5 per grope from small dick losers, I’d have been working as a table dancer.

Now here is the epitome of car show modeling, European car shows! Look but don’t touch models! Models are getting paid? Or are they lured into it with promises that their pictures will appear in international media: “Darling it will be excellent exposure”. So they are sold into pose-slavery for nothing. I don’t know any Euro-girls to confirm or not. But let’s take a look at these models and the rides.

It would explain why the 2 models are hanging around a Red car with ‘remind me why am I here’ faces, but not explain why sporty model in red boots (I covet) is so happy about her Fiat 500c (I really covet)!

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